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Project Description

De Superjhemp Retörns

Superhero Comedy In Cinemas since October 24th, 2018


To save his small country from cosmic annihilation, a superhero in midlife crisis must face his greatest fear: his family!

Based on the comic book series “De Superjhemp” by Lucien Czuga and Roger Leiner. The series sold more than 185.000 copies and is the most successful creation in luxembourgish literature to date.

Development and Production funded by the Luxembourg Film Fund.

Superjhemp Retörns became with 10 copies and over 50.000 spectators the most successful Luxembourgish film of all time.

Cast & Crew

Director: Félix Koch
Story: Félix Koch
Writers: Félix Koch & Thierry Faber
Script Consultant: Lucien Czuga
Producer: Claude Waringo, Samsa Film

Cast: André Jung, Désirée Nosbusch, Etienne Halsdorf, Jules Werner, Luc Feit, Jules Waringo, Fabienne Hollwege, Adèle Wester

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