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Project Description

You missed Sonja

Horror/Thriller • Short Film


After a fight with his girlfriend, writer Rick Hardin stops at a lonely gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Based on the short story “Rest Stop” by Stephen King.
World Premiere at Hofer Filmtage.
Nominated for the First Steps Award in the category “No Fear”.

Cast & Crew

Writers: Carola M. Lowitz, Félix Koch
Director: Félix Koch
DOP: Daniel Carsenty, Dylan E. Thompson

Cast: Christian Erdmann, Oliver Breite, Ute Springer, Greta Galisch De Palma

Year: 2012
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Run Time: 21′

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Length: 20min

Warning This movie contains graphic elements that might be upsetting for younger audiences (your kids).