Félix Koch


Early Beginnings

Born in Luxembourg in 1980, Félix embarked on an enriching journey into the realm of film and television. His voyage commenced with an internship at Mineworks in Aachen, Germany, followed by working as assistant director alongside industry icons like Michael “Bully” Herbig and Tommy Krappweis. Concurrently, he unleashed his creative flair as an art director and graphic designer for Kinderkanal, designing merchandise for the cult TV show, Bernd das Brot.

Education and Recognition

In 2006, Félix honed his craft at Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Germany’s distinguished film school. His short film, Ravioli Ritter, received accolades and screenings on international film festivals, while his 3D film, Topper won’t give up, clinched the award for the best 3D short film in Angers, France.

Ventures and Achievments

Félix’s graduation film, You missed Sonja, earned laurels at the Los Angeles Movie Awards and a prestigious nomination for a First Steps Award.

Recognizing the essence of detailed preproduction planning, Félix co-founded Holy Grid!, a previs studio, with DOP Dylan E. Thompson in 2013.

Cinematic Success

Félix’s cinematic debut, Superjhemp Retörns, didn’t just set a record in Luxembourg as the most successful film of 2018—it also outperformed blockbusters like Avengers Infinity War. With over 66,000 admissions, it stands as the most successful Luxembourgish film of all time, nearly doubling the box office numbers of its predecessor.

Félix extended his directorial expertise to television, directing episodes of Großstadtrevier and the prime-time movie, St. Pauli, 6:07 Uhr, which captivated nearly 7 million viewers

Current Projects

Having successfully completed two films in the action-comedy reboot series Balko Teneriffa Félix is now focusing on multiple exciting projects for both cinema and television, demonstrating his versatility and expansive creative vision.

As his journey continues, Félix’s dedication to storytelling remains at the heart of his creative expression.