Balko Teneriffa

2021 • Action-Comedy • 90 min • Episode 1 “Doppelt Hält Besser”

Synopsis (German)

Jochen Horst and Ludger Pistor are back in action as Balko and Krapp in the new title “Balko Teneriffa”! This time around, the former investigators reunite on the sunny shores of the Spanish island, rather than in their previous setting of Dortmund.

While Balko succumbs to alcohol and self-pity following the death of his Spanish wife, things couldn’t be going better for Krapp, who now works as a ministerial director for the Ministry of Defense and travels only by private jet. At least until he is accused of murdering a waitress after a party hosted by German weapons manufacturer Oswald in Puerto de la Cruz. The duo receives support from Inspector Alicia Ruiz (Tamara Romera Ginés).

(German text: Alexander Krei, DWDL, 25.10.2021)

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Félix Koch

  • Writer: Robert Dannenberg & Stefan Scheich

  • Producer: Guido Reinhardt, Agnes Hertwig

  • Commissioning Editor: Nico Grein (RTL)

  • Cast: Jochen Horst, Ludger Pistor, Tamara Romera Ginés, Uschi Glas, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Johannes Kienast




Making Of