Großstadtrevier – St. Pauli, 6:07 Uhr

2020 • Drama • 90min


It’s 6:07 AM when Nina Sieveking’s life takes a turn for the worse. The police officer of the PK14 is on her way home on the subway when a fight between three men escalates. She intervenes – and is brutally beaten while other passengers watch without stepping in. No one helps.

For Harry Möller, Lukas Petersen, and the other colleagues from “Großstadtrevier,” a nerve-wracking search for the perpetrators begins. Frustrating conversations with witnesses lead nowhere as no one claims to have seen anything. The police officers, who risk their lives for others every day, receive little help in return.

When a dead body is found at the harbor, new depths are revealed – and suddenly, Nina herself becomes a target of the investigation…

  • “St. Pauli, 6:07 Uhr” was the most successful prime time show on a Wednesday evening on ARD. More than 6.95 million people (23.6% market share) saw it when it first aired

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Félix Koch

  • Writer: Norbert Eberlein

  • Producer: Dr. Claudia Thieme, Studio Hamburg

  • Commissioning Editor: Franziska Dillberger, Diana Schulte-Kellinghaus (NDR), Katja Kirchen (Degeto)

  • Cast: Saskia Fischer, Maria Ketikidou, Peter Fieseler, Wanda Perdelwitz, Patrick Abozen, Daniel Schirmer, Marc Zwinz, Heinz Hoenig, Vincent Krüger, Johannes Kienast