You missed Sonja


You missed Sonja Horror/Thriller • 21min More Info on Crew United  Synopsis After a fight with his girlfriend, writer Rick Hardin stops at a lonely gas station in the middle of nowhere. Based on the short story “Rest Stop” by Stephen King World [...]

Ravioli Ritter


Ravioli Ritter Comedy • 29min More info on Crew United Synopsis After a fight Mattes follows his girlfriend reluctantly to a live action role play in the saxon sandstone mountains where he has to fight dragons, ferocious furry beasts and the dark lord Faruk. World Premiere [...]



Topper gibt nicht auf 3D Comedy • 20min • Real 3D More info on Crew United Synopsis Filmstudent Axel gets his favorite childhood action hero Topper to star in his short film. Unfortunately, the eccentric actor is very difficult to work with and storms of the [...]

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